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45 Years industry experience


Alpha Security has amassed a combined total of 45 years of specialist knowledge
and experience in the New Zealand security industry having completed over 17,000
residential and commercial Alarm, Access Control and CCTV installations nationwide. Our
valued clients are located across the breadth and width of New Zealand. Staying true to our
core values of professionalism, trust and integrity coupled with our combined knowledge
and specialist experience we are a preferred security supplier to a number of NZ
Government Departments including the NZ Police and the Department of Corrections. Our
specialist security knowledge and problem-solving techniques stem from solid NZ security
industry and actual NZ Policing experience placing Alpha Security in a very unique
position unmatched by our rivals in the marketplace.




Nick Wills is a level 3 licenced senior security technician and consultant now in his 15th year
in the New Zealand security industry. Nick has attained an impressive range of certified
technical knowledge, expertise and skills covering the vast majority of alarm, access control
and CCTV systems in wide use in New Zealand today. Nick has a driving passion for all
aspects of the security industry and is focussed on exceeding client’s expectations by
providing successful security design solutions and excellent project delivery. Nick has full
oversight of all current and pending commercial security installation, servicing contracts and
projects for Strategic Security Group.
Together Kyle and Nick share the same passion for solving client’s security requirements
assisting from concept and design stage through to installation and commissioning. A
number of our projects are often complex, sensitive and extremely confidential in nature.


Kyle O’Brien is a licenced security technician, consultant, private investigator and registered
electrician having also served 22 years in the NZ Police. During his Police career as a
frontline officer and Police Dog Handler Kyle gained vital first-hand knowledge and
experience in property crime, burglary, dishonesty offences, violent home invasions, armed
robberies and armed offenders. Kyle also served as a specialist Police technician installing
security alarms, protection & panic alarms and CCTV surveillance systems protecting
sensitive NZ Police sites, Police staff under threat, witness protection projects and other
assets at the highest levels for sensitive NZ Police crime operations.
Kyle is an SIA (United Kingdom) certified Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative
and Hostile Environment Close Protection Manager with offshore armed ‘anti-piracy’
protection experience in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.


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  • Alpha Security Taupo, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Security Systems
  • Alpha Security Taupo, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Security Systems
  • Alpha Security Taupo, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Security Systems
  • Alpha Security Taupo, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Security Systems
  • Alpha Security Taupo, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Security Systems